Garland & Garland are proud to be supporting Shake it up Australia Foundation. In 2013, Robert Garland was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease.

With a passion to take out the stigma out of Parkinson’s Disease, Phoebes Garland was invited and appointed an Ambassador of Shake it up Australia.

Shake it up Australia is the only charity partnered with the Michael J Fox Foundation and was founded by leading businessman Clyde Campbell who was diagnosed when he was 44. Clyde and his brother fund all administration costs which allows 100% of all funds raised going directly into research in Australia.



ADopt Change

In 2018, Phoebes Garland was invited by the board to become an ambassador for Adopt Change.

Phoebes was adopted from an orphanage in war torn Vietnam at just ten days old. When they returned to Australia, Phoebe’s parents found out she was cross-eyed and she required several operations over many years under the late Fred Hollows to correct her eyesight and was a patient of Gabi Hollows.  Phoebe is still in contact with Founding Director of the Fred Hollows foundation, Gabi Hollows today.

In 2008, Adopt Change was founded by Deborra-lee Furness with a small group of volunteers, in response to the needs of children who had been orphaned or were living in temporary care, along with the challenges and distress experienced by children and families navigating the complex adoption processes in Australia. Children who had already experienced difficult starts in life, and often trauma, were faced with further challenges in not being able to access stability or the appropriate support services. The focus of the organisation in the early years was on National Adoption Awareness Week, advocacy and providing support.


Adopt Change exists to ensure all children have access to a safe, nurturing and permanent family home and that families are well supported.


To Support and educate families and to raise awareness to encourage reform within the community, enabling children to grow up with safety, nurture and permanency for children.

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